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  • Control Syringe

    The medical control syringe is a unique type of syringe that has finger and thumb rings fastened to the plunger’s tip and the barrel’s proximal end. This makes using it for injections easier when we just need to utilize one hand. Our control syringe’s special construction includes a safe area that significantly reduces the possibility of introducing air bubbles into the catheter.

  • Epidural Needle

    During regional anesthetic procedures, which are frequently used for surgery, delivery, and chronic pain management, epidural needles are specialized medical instruments used to inject medication into the epidural portion of the spine. They can have catheters inserted since they are hollow, slender, and lengthy. They come in gauge diameters ranging from 16 to 18, with several tip styles. Different lengths of epidural needles are available to suit the anatomy of humans. Healthcare practitioners must possess the requisite education and experience to prevent infection.

  • Introducer Needle

    Introducer needles are used to draw blood from veins and administer glucose injections. These needles’ Y-shaped blunt needle valve prevents blood clots and helps regulate the flow of fluid. Simple cuts are made easier by the sharp needlepoint’s assistance, and the aid wire’s smooth divider reduces resistance.

  • Portable Dental X-Ray NEO

    The portable, small dental X-ray NEO is intended for use in dental offices, clinics, or mobile dental services. It provides ease of use, portability, and advanced imaging capabilities. Important characteristics include a compact, light design, battery-operated operation, programmable radiation dose, beam angle, and exposure duration, as well as user-friendly interfaces with intuitive controls and displays. Modern dentistry clinics may satisfy their diagnostic needs with these state-of-the-art X-ray equipment.

  • X Wave Portable Dental X Ray

    A portable X-ray equipment made specifically for dental applications, the X Wave Portable Dental X-Ray enables dentists to take precise diagnostic pictures while in the chair. It has a tiny X-ray tube and an intraoral digital sensor for the teeth, roots, and surrounding tissues. With a focus on patient comfort and safety, this portable equipment is appropriate for a range of dental procedures, including examinations, assessments of periodontal health, detection of dental caries, and evaluations of endodontic conditions. Digital sensors make it possible to take pictures instantly, share them easily, and save them in electronic health records. Without having to wait for patients, dentists may take images from various angles thanks to the portable design.

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