Pioneers in the industry, we offer General Orthopedic Instruments, ECG Monitoring Machine, S1 1470nm Surgical Diode Laser, ECG Machine and Latex Surgical Hand Gloves from India.

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  • Dressing kit Dialysis On/Off Kit

    For patients with poor kidney function or renal failure, the Dressing Kit Dialysis On/Off Kit is an essential medical equipment that makes administering dialysis easier. It has an on/off switch, dressing supplies, disposable parts, mobility, safety standard compliance, and a dialysis access management system. Patients with skin cancer, discolored skin, and sebaceous hyperplasia must have it.

  • ECG Machine

    One of the easiest and quickest procedures to assess the heart is an electrocardiogram, sometimes known as an EKG or ECG. Specific locations on the arms, legs, and chest are used for electrode placement. Lead cables link the electrodes to the ECG machine. The heart’s electrical activity is then recorded, decoded, and printed. The body does not get any electricity.

  • ECG Monitoring Machine

    The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a widely used diagnostic tool for cardiovascular disease analysis and diagnosis.Since ECG monitoring devices are necessary for professionals to use and provide better results, it is required to thoroughly analyze the architecture of these machines and to build, analyze, and classify them.

  • General Orthopedic Instruments

    The success rate of the procedure or therapy is greatly influenced by general orthopedic instruments. The materials utilized to make these surgical instruments contribute to the improvement of treatment outcomes and sustainability.

  • Latex Surgical Hand Gloves

    During surgery, latex surgical hand gloves are a must for operating room personnel, surgeons, and healthcare professionals. They decrease the spread of infections and act as a barrier against bacteria. These powder- or powder-free gloves are ergonomically contoured for a comfortable fit, come in a variety of thicknesses and colors (blue included), and feature a rough surface for improved instrument grip. They are sterilized to get rid of microbiological pollutants and are only meant for one usage.

  • Nitinol Guidewire

    In less invasive procedures including endovascular surgery, angioplasty, and angiography, medical devices called nitinol guidewires are utilized. Radiopacity, superelasticity, shape memory, and biocompatibility are some of the advantages they have over traditional guidewires. Since nitinol is biocompatible, safe ingestion or implantation can occur without adverse consequences. It can take on its original shape again because of its superelastic characteristic. With a range of interventional therapy attachments, nitinol wires offer precise control and mobility during procedures.

  • Permanent Catheter Kit

    Permanent catheter kit is a flexible tube used for infusing medicines, fluids, bloods or proteins for over a long period of time like several days or week. A catheter is often inserted in the arm or chest through the skin to a large vein.

  • S1 1470nm Surgical Diode Laser

    An instrument used mostly in dentistry and surgery is the S1 1470nm Surgical Diode Laser. Around 1470 nanometers, or the near-infrared spectrum, is the wavelength at which it emits laser light. Since it has good tissue absorption properties, especially in water-rich tissues like those found in the human body, this wavelength is frequently utilized in medical lasers.

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